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The origins of dips can be traced back to Europe as an appetiser to be eaten before a main meal, served with small pieces of bread, crackers, biscuits, vegetables or fruit.

Dips are now enjoyed not only as a starter before a meal but as a snack on their own, an alternative to mayonnaise and butter as a spread on bread, as a sauce for meat, pasta, chicken or fish or as an accompaniment with vegetables and main meals.

Copperpot produces over 30 varieties of dips from classic dips like Hommus & Tzatziki to our new innovative Chunky or Layered Dips.

All our dips are produced fresh, using only premium quality, fresh ingredients so that Copperpot Dips are bursting with fresh flavour. Made with no artificial colours or flavours and gluten free, they're everyone's favourites Dip.

Classic Dips
  • A classic favourite everyone will love
  • Great with fresh vegetable sticks, your favourite crispbread or as the spread on a delicious sandwich
Double Dips
  • Two of your favourite Copperpot Dips in the one tub
  • Double the variety ensures you have a great tasting dip to please everyone
Chunky Dips
  • Full of taste and texture in every mouthful
  • Share them with friends, enjoy as a snack or stir through pasta for a great variation on a fresh pesto sauce
Layered Dips
  • Enjoy two great tasting complementary flavours in the one pot
  • The delicious base flavour is perfectly complemented by a garnish dip
Gourmet Dips
  • Perfect for those occasions when you're looking for something special - but be careful, they're so good, you may not want to share!
Mini Dips
  • Your favourite Copperpot Dips in the perfect single portion size for a nutritious snack on the go
  • Ideal for a mid afternoon work snack or in the lunchbox with vegetables or crispbreads